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Fearow Colour Palette Challenge

based off the HG/SS sprites

Rattata Colour Palette Challenge

basically a redraw of Ken Sugimori's artwork of Rattata from Red/Blue ^^;

Pidgeotto Colour Palette Challenge

based off the FR/LG sprite~

Pidgey Colour Palette Challenge

based on the Gold/Crystal sprites~

Butterfree Colour Palette Challenge

Pastel Butterfree~

Metapod Colour Palette Challenge

not the best camouflage colour ^^;

Caterpie Colour Palette Challenge

i love Caterpie, so cute~ c:

Wartortle Colour Palette Challenge

based off the Red/Blue sprite~

Charizard Color Palette Challenge

wahh one of my favourite pieces to come from this challenge c:

Charmeleon Color Palette Challenge

A blue Charmeleon would be so cool *-*

Charmander color palette challenge

a lil' cutie~

Ivysaur color palette challenge

I'll be posting these once a day, so prepare for almost 4 months of Pokemon colour palette challenges ^^;


I just realised I haven't posted any of my Pokemon color palette challenges. First up is Bulbasaur~

Inktober Day 26: Dark

Inktober Day 26: Dark


Inktober Day 17: Ornament

About halfway through Inktober and I haven't drawn any Pokemon yet :0 Meowth has the best ornament