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Huevember Day 22: Tai

today is yesterdays characters brother. found it funny my number generator rolled him right after xD also second art of him ever, last i drew him was ten years ago... which is probably obvious from his design

Huevember Day 20: Seymour

how fitting, blue for my water pokemon trainer~

Huevember Day 19: Kiyoshi

more blue today~

Huevember Day 18: Tabitha

lawl so close to her normal colour scheme

Huevember Day 17: Whisper

dang that is dark, uhh trust me it's really blue ^^;

Huevember Day 16: Diana

I'm running outta things to say ;A;

Huevember Day 15: Ban

officially halfway through huevember!

Huevember Day 14: Lancey

my oldest character i still use :0

Huevember Day 11: Que

whoops a little late today, been playing a zelda randomizer and got distracted ^^;

Huevember Day 10: Tstorm

another red one~

Huevember Day 9: Avira

someones seeing red :0

Huevember Day 8: Wesley Chambers

latest huevember plus the past weeks together making a gradient~

Huevember Day 7: Toru

dammit what is with me and orange markers dying on me suddenly ;A;

Huevember Day 6: Rose

its been almost a week since this challenge started and i haven't drawn anything Pokemon related?? well i fixed that xD

Huevember Day 5: Orin

first marker death during this challenge :0 luckily i had enough to finish this

Huevember Day 4: Omi

omg braids x_x luckily i only have two characters with braids

Huevember Day 2: Caleb

Oh forgot to mention on my last pic :0 I'm not using a prompt list this year, just a randomized character list to warm me up for something

Huevember Day 1: Chloe

SO I completed Inktober last year and I figured I'd try a new challenge month. This year I'm gonna do Huevember~ c: