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more Pokemon card paintings! (plus detail shots) Just the extended card art, i absolutely love the borderless ones ;A;

the other Pokemon card canvas painting i did, really like how it came out

oops found more sketches

i ended up asking a friend for characters to draw with these expression memes i found. she suggested Bebop and Rocksteady from TMNT using C4 from the first and E1 from the second.

another piece but this time with animal crossing~ Client wanted a tea party scene featuring their favourite villagers Henry and Grizzly

some work i did earlier this year, tattoo designs for someone that loves shy guys and cherry pie.

the only Pokemon card canvas painting i finished last year though i did like two the year before with a bunch of card paintings ^^;

Art Summary 2020

oof, this was... definately a year BUT i'm feeling optimistic that i'll have more energy this year ^^

Huevember Day 30: Koji

YAY last Huevember! ^^

Huevember Day 28: Adrian

two more days left~ ;A;

Huevember Day 27: Death

everytime i draw him, his hair seems to get spikier xD

Huevember Day 26: Silas

someone's not a fan of a full moon :0

Huevember Day 25: Jake

25 days in and only now an anthro character pops up?? :0

Huevember Day 24: Tilu

dang their hair is usually blue but this green is really growing on me :0

Huevember Day 22: Tai

today is yesterdays characters brother. found it funny my number generator rolled him right after xD also second art of him ever, last i drew him was ten years ago... which is probably obvious from his design

Huevember Day 20: Seymour

how fitting, blue for my water pokemon trainer~

Huevember Day 19: Kiyoshi

more blue today~

Huevember Day 18: Tabitha

lawl so close to her normal colour scheme

Huevember Day 17: Whisper

dang that is dark, uhh trust me it's really blue ^^;

Huevember Day 16: Diana

I'm running outta things to say ;A;

Huevember Day 15: Ban

officially halfway through huevember!

Huevember Day 14: Lancey

my oldest character i still use :0